From Karachi to Malam Jabba having stop between Mingora ,5 days trip along with breakfat,lunch and dinner.


  • 1777.1 Kilometers (Trip Total)
  • Route 1 (1487.5 km) on Map Karachi » Rawalpindi
  • Route 2 (289.7 km) on Map Rawalpindi » Malam Jabba

For rupees 40,000/-

From karachi to Quetta having stop between Winder, 5 days trip along with lunch,breakfast and dinner.

car 700 km
car 435 miles

For rupees 20,000/-

From Karachi to Sawat having stop between Mingora,8 days trip along with the breakfast,lumch and dinner.

It takes 1539 Km by car

For rupees 32,000/-